Cordova Cigars

Tatuaje Unlucky 13 2017 List of Retailers Announced

It’s October, which for the cigar industry means one thing: Tatuaje Monster Series. Every year since 2008 Tatuaje has released a limited edition as part...
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Espinosa The Alibi

Many cigar manufacturers have programs for branded lounges, but oddly, few have special cigars made for these lounges. In late 2013, Espinosa Premium Cigars launched...
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Espinosa Cigars Ships The Alibi

Espinosa Cigars gave a small group of retailers a special Christmas present recently, as the first cigar in the company’s The Backroom Series began shipping to...
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Espinosa Cigars Announces The Backroom Series

Espinosa Premium Cigars will close out 2014 with a new limited edition, as today the company announced the first release in The Backroom Series, an...
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Press Release: Espinosa Premium Cigars Launches Domino Lounge at Cordova Cigars

November 21, 2013 (Hialeah Gardens, Fla.) — Espinosa Premium Cigars is proud to announce the unveiling of their domino lounge at Cordova Cigars in Pensacola,...
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