Coles of London

PCA 2022: S.T.Dupont

This year marks S.T.Dupont’s 150th anniversary. There are almost 150 new items.

S.T.Dupont Ligne 2 Lighter Gets Matte Carbon Finish

The classic Ligne 2 lighter is now offered in a sinister color scheme. This is actually not the first time S.T.Dupont has offered a matte black lighter body, but it’s a relative rarity.

S.T.Dupont Sending Navy Blue Matte Collection Exclusives to the U.S.

Two S.T.Dupont lighters and one cutter will be offered in a matte dark blue finish. Retailers will get to see the collection next week and it’s scheduled to ship to stores in September.

S.T.Dupont Adding Two More Ligne 2 Designs

In addition to the new Ligne 2 Guilloche Collection, S.T.Dupont is also adding two other Ligne 2 design options later this year. The S.T.Dupont Ligne…

S.T.Dupont Adds Pastel Colors to Torch Lighter Lines

At last week’s TPE 2022, S.T.Dupont showed off a variety of new color options for some of its torch lighters, mostly pastel colors. The newly-updated…

Coles of London Increases S.T.Dupont Butane Prices

The price of S.T.Dupont butane and flints sold in the U.S. got a lot more expensive due to logistical issues. Coles of London, the U.S….

S.T.Dupont Updates miniJet for 2021

The third generation of S.T.Dupont miniJet is now available. Coles of London, S.T.Dupont’s U.S. distributor, has announced that it is taking orders for a new…

Les Mann Joins Coles of London

Les Mann is once again selling S.T.Dupont lighters. Coles of London, the U.S. distributor for S.T.Dupont, has hired Mann as the company’s vp of major…

Coles of London Takes Over U.S. Distribution of S.T.Dupont

Coles of London is now the U.S. distributor of S.T.Dupont products for the tobacco segment. It’s an extension to an existing relationship between the Paris-based…