Colección Habanos

H. Upmann Super Magnum Slated as Next Colección Habanos Release

The next Cuban cigar to come in a book will be from H. Upmann. At this week’s Festival del Habano XXII, Habanos S.A. showed off...
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Hoyo de Monterrey Maravillas (Colección Habanos 2015)

In the world of rare and often expensive Cuban cigar releases, the Gran Reserva and Reserva lines are fairly well known and well documented. But...
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Partagás Serie C No.1 (Colección Habanos 2002)

In 2001, Habanos S.A. launched the Cuaba Salomónes, the first of what has become a mostly annual series known as the Colección Habanos. It showcases unique...
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Partagás Serie E No. 1 Arrives in Stores

The latest Colección Habanos has arrived. Earlier this month, Christopher A Puszkar, who works for the German distributor 5th Avenue, tweeted that the arrival of...
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Bolívar Gran Belicoso (Colección Habanos 2010)

In 2001, Habanas S.A. announced the first in what would become a yearly series of releases called the Colección Habanos Series. Each release is contained within...
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Hoyo de Monterrey Extravaganza (Colección Habanos 2003)

In 2003, Habanos S.A. brought back a modified form of the Hoyo de Monterrey Lusitanias as the third release of its Colección Habanos series. The...
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Press Release: Arrival of the Awaited “Colección Habanos 2011 Obras Completas Edición Única”

August 23, 2012 — Habanos, S.A. is pleased to present this Volume of the“Colección Habanos 2011”, of which only 1000 numbered units were made and...
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San Cristóbal O’Reilly (2009)

In 2001 Habanos S.A. introduced the Habanos Collection Book Series. It consists of a layout of cigars presented in a special book-shaped humidor. Each year so...
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Montecristo Maravilla (2005)

Released in 2005 as part of the Colección Habanos, there were only 500 boxes of 20 Montecristo Maravillas produced. The cigar itself is a huge monstrosity,...
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