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Cohiba Serie M Reserva Roja Offers New Blend, Debuts at PCA 2024 Ahead of April 1 Release

The Nicaraguan corojo wrapper remains the same, but this year’s version gets some new internal tobacco and a new look for the bands.

Cohiba Riviera Adds Lancero at PCA 2024

It’s the first lancero for the non-Cuban version of the Cohiba brand.

Cohiba Ambar Arriving at Swiss La Casa del Habano Stores on March 19

Announced in 2021, the Cohiba Ambar has arrived in at least one country.

Asia Gets Cohiba Lancero Tributo Humidor for Year of the Dragon

Each humidor will come with 55 Cohiba Lanceros, regular production cigars with special secondary bands, in each of these Elie Bleu-humidors. They will only be sold in Asia.

Cohiba Spectre 2021

Nearly two years after the original review, it’s time to see how some rest has treated this high-end cigar.

Cohiba Wide Short Debuts in Cyprus

The new machine-made option is scheduled to be available for sale next month.

Weller by Cohiba 2023

It’s a deeper exploration of the effects of barrel aging on tobacco.

General Unveils $5,500 Cohiba Biometric Humidor

The humidor opens up via the owner’s fingerprint. Each humidor comes with 106 cigars, including the Cohiba Red Dot Reserve, a blend exclusive to the Biometric Humidor.

Cohiba Ideales Arrives in the United Kingdom

Be prepared to pay a premium on top of the already high prices of this new limited edition.

The Cohiba Experience Opens at Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara

“The ultimate coastal cigar lounge” will open to the public this week.