Clint Aaron

Weekly News (Oct. 3, 2016)

Cigar News Alec Bradley Cabinet Appears in Wild Alec Bradley Plans Project 60 Clint Aaron of 262 Cigars Becomes Principle Owner of City Place Cigar...
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262 Cigars Launches The Internship Program

262 Cigars will be releasing a new cigar in 2017 called The Intern, but to get to that point, the company is asking its fans to...
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262 Suit & Tie Lancero

To close out 2015 and celebrate its fifth anniversary, 262 Cigars released its second limited edition, a two-vitola release called Suit & Tie. If the...
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262 Cigars Dresses Up for 5th Anniversary with Suit & Tie

262 Cigars will celebrate five years in the cigar business with a limited edition scheduled to hit stores in December, as the company announced a...
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262 Allegiance Lancero

In March 2014, 262 Cigars announced a new line of cigars named Allegiance, a brand that was conceived as a “line in the sand” against...
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262 Releases Allegiance Lancero

262 Cigars has released its Allegiance lancero, according to a statement issued by the company on Tuesday morning. The cigar was first announced in mid-February,...
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262 Cigars Enters Bundle Market with Peacefield

262 Cigars has announced that it is entering into the world of bundle cigars with Peacefield, a new line that will be shipping to retailers...
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262 Adding Lancero to Allegiance Line

Clint Aaron has made no secret of his love of lanceros, and he’s bringing that love of the long and slender vitola to the 262...
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262 Plans Roadhouse for IPCPR 2015

Clint Aaron let the cat out of the bag. The 262 Cigars founder creatively showed off one of the company’s newest releases, trying to hide...
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Portraits: Clint Aaron

Clint Aaron started working on blends for 262 Cigars back in 2008. Back then, 262 wasn’t even the planned name. Trademark issues forced Aaron to...
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262 Cigars Mr. Pink

While it’s not uncommon for stores to commission special cigars made for anniversaries, it’s less common that the stores request and come up with a...
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