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CLE Cigar Company

Eiroa PCA Exclusive 2023 11/18

This is one of the three exclusive cigar lines that CLE Cigar Co. created for retailers that attended the 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show in July.

CLE PCA Exclusive 2023 Arrives at Stores

Like the Asylum PCA Exclusive 2023 and Eiroa PCA Exclusive 2023, the CLE PCA Exclusive 2023 uses tobacco from CLE’s new farm an undisclosed South American country.

Eiroa CBT Maduro 51 Heads to Stores

The massive 10-inch by 50 cigar celebrates Christian Eiroa’s 51st birthday.

Robert Wright Promoted to CLE’s National Sales Manager

Robert Wright has been named the national sales manager for CLE Cigar Co. The industry veteran joined CLE in 2012, when the company was launching,…

Asylum PCA Exclusive 2023 Begins Shipping

It joins the Eiroa PCA Exclusive 2023, which also began shipping to stores this week.

Eiroa Dark 11/18

It’s another TAA exclusive from CLE that comes in the 11/18 size, but this one is very different.

Eiroa PCA Exclusive 2023 Begins Shipping

This is the first of three different PCA 2023 exclusives from CLE. The other two lines are expected to arrive at stores soon.

Asylum 11 Begins Shipping

The Asylum 11 is a barber pole, the first time that the Asylum Anniversary Series has used the unique-looking wrapper design.

Eiroa CBT Maduro 51 Announced

Christian Eiroa is once again celebrating his birthday with a 10-inch by 50-ring gauge cigar.

PCA 2023: CLE Cigar Co./Asylum

CLE had plenty of new cigars to show off, along with some new features to the booth.

Asylum to Pour New Cool Brew at PCA 2023

It’s the company’s latest venture into aromatic flavors via exotic tobaccos.