Claudio Sgroi

Claudio Sgroi Launches CST Consulting

Claudio Sgroi, the former president and master blender of Mombacho Cigars S.A., has announced the launch of CST Consulting, LLC, a new firm providing a...
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Claudio Sgroi Leaving Mombacho Cigars S.A.

Claudio Sgroi is leaving Mombacho Cigars S.A. after a decade of working with the Granada, Nicaragua-based company. Effective April 1, Sgroi will no longer serve...
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Puro Sabor Launching Virtual Festival on March 15

Puro Sabor, the annual festival put on by the Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco (CNT) didn’t happen in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it...
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Mombacho Cosecha 2015

I remember being at the Casa Favilli factory in 2017 when Claudio Sgroi told a small group I was in about his most ambitious project...
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Mombacho Cosecha 2015 Now Shipping

The newest installment in Mombacho’s top line, the Cosecha 2015, is now shipping and is scheduled to be available on July 1. The Cosecha series...
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Puro Sabor 2020: Days 0 + 1

Puro Sabor is back, and boy am I happy about it. After an unfortunate political situation that made things unsafe to bring in a significant...
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Mombacho Cigars S.A. Expands to Africa

Mombacho Cigars S.A. will soon be selling its cigars on another continent, as the company has announced that it will start distribution this month in...
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Mombacho Cigars S.A. Opens European Warehouse

Mombacho Cigars S.A. has announced that it has opened a European warehouse in Düsseldorf, Germany. The new bonded warehouse has been opened in collaboration with...
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Mombacho Cigars S.A. Expands Shipping of Casa Favilli

Last November, Mombacho Cigars S.A. released approximately 150 boxes of each of the three sizes of its newest line, Casa Favilli, as part of a...
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Mo Maali No Longer Mombacho Cigars’ Sales Manager

Mo Maali has stepped away from his role as national sales manager of Mombacho Cigars S.A., but it doesn’t mean his Patina Cigars brand is parting ways with the factory that makes them. Maali and Claudio Sgroi, president of Mombacho Cigars S.A. confirmed the change, though both said the relationship between Patina Cigars and Casa […]
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Mombacho Cigars S.A. Restructures Marketing Department

Mombacho Cigars S.A. has announced the restructuring of its marketing department, and with it comes the departure of Rob Rasmussen and the arrival of Jaclyn...
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