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PCA 2023: Manny Iriarte Enterprises

This year, Manny Iriarte Enterprises is showing off its first cigar line. I’m not sure any company has had its first cigar be an exclusive OpusX blend, but then again, it’s Manny.

PCA 2023: Cigar Specialist International

The Singapore-based importer showed off a line of Italian cigar accessories.

E.P. Carrillo’s Aura Begins Shipping to Retailers

The release celebrates the Shengxiao, or Zodiac Calendar, with 12 individual cigars, one for each of the animal symbols of the calendar.

China International Cigar Culture Festival 2018 Slated for June

The inaugural China International Cigar Culture Festival will take place June 8-10 in Wuzhen, a town on the south of the Yangtze River known for its scenic…