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Cigar in the Bottle

PCA 2023: Cigar in the Bottle

The unique creation is made up of a 6 x 52 Vartan custom cigar blended by Hendrik Kelner and encased in a thin glass bottle of Grand Pommier XS VSOP Cognac.

PCA 2022: Cigar in the Bottle

“Forbidden Johnny” Soyak is back at the PCA Convention & Trade Show this year, and he brought along his unique creation named Cigar in a Bottle, which is made up of a custom blended cigar encased in a bottle and surrounded by Grand Pommier XS VSOP Cognac.

PCA 2021: Cigar in the Bottle

Once again, “Forbidden Johnny” Soyak is back with his creation, Cigar in the Bottle, along with a brand new accolade to add to his cap….

IPCPR 2019: Cigar in the Bottle

“Forbidden Johnny”  Soyak is back again this year with Cigar in the Bottle. While there isn’t any new liquor, or a different cigar in the…

IPCPR 2018: Cigar in the Bottle

Johnny Soyak of Cigar in the Bottle was here with the same cigar and liquor that was shown off last year, however this year he…