Cigar Federation

Southern Draw Adds Two Sizes to Jacobs Ladder Brimstone

A pair of new vitolas are being added to Southern Draw’s Jacobs Ladder Brimstone line this month, one of which is a single store exclusive,...
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Ezra Zion Acquires Cigar Federation, Plans Brick & Mortar

Kyle Hoover and Chris Kelly once again own Cigar Federation. It’s one of a trio of moves the company has planned that also include a...
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Black Label Trading Co. Releases Second Batch of J.W. Marshall

Black Label Trading Co. has released the second batch of the J.W. Marshall, a cigar originally released one year ago today as an exclusive for...
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Black Label Trading Co. Announces 2016 Throw Down Project

Black Label Trading Co. has announced the details of its 2016 Throw Down Project, which is a collaboration between the company, Cigar Federation and the...
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Crowned Heads & Cigar Federation Team Up for 729 Calloway Lane

Cigar Federation and Crowned Heads are back at it again. In 2014, the cigar community/online store teamed up with Crowned Heads for The Buckingham. Now,...
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J.W. Marshall

In January it was announced that Black Label Trading Co. and Cigar Federation were teaming up to do a special release called the J.W. Marshall....
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Black Label Trading Co. Creates J.W. Marshall for Cigar Federation

Black Label Trading Co. has announced J.W. Marshall, a new limited edition being created exclusively for Cigar Federation. The new cigar is a 5 1/2...
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The Buckingham

Just as the end of 2014 was on the horizon, Crowned Heads and Cigar Federation announced the release of a limited edition called The Buckingham,...
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Viaje Throw Down Fed Head

Last month, Cigar Dojo and Cigar Federation announced that they would be partnering with Viaje to produce two different blends, each of which would be...
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Viaje, Cigar Dojo & Cigar Federation Collaborate for Throw Down (Update)

Online sites Cigar Dojo and Cigar Federation are no strangers to partnering with cigar brands for collaborations and now they are at it again, this...
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Cigar Federation The Collective

In February 2014, the cigar news, reviews and social forum website Cigar Federation announced that it would be releasing its first branded cigar, a creation...
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