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Cigar Cutters

Böker Plus Cigar Cutter

This cutting option combines a cigar cutter and knife into one product.

Les Fines Lames and German Engineered Cigars Team Up for the 3D-Printed Le Petit Kentron

German Engineered Cigars brings its work with 3D-printing to the French accessory maker’s flagship cutter.

Scrim by HutcH Studio Adds Kirinite Cosmic Glitter Cutter

Rick Hutchings says this is the brightest handles he’s created from Kirinite.

Vector-KGM Shows Off VCube Cutter at PCA 2024

If you’ve been looking for a multitasking cigar cutter, Vector-KGM has a new option coming out this summer that will be worth a look. It’s…

Vector Switch Released Today

After being announced about six months ago and getting a preview at both TPE 2024 and the 2024 PCA Convention & Trade Show, the Vector…

Les Fines Lames Adds Dragon Scales Trilogy in Celebration of the Year of the Dragon

The French accessories maker pays tribute to the Year of the Dragon with three new designs for its Le Petit cigar knife.

Haso Taiji Cigar Cutter Coming to U.S. Retailers This Month

The design is inspired by the same philosophy that is represented by the yin and yang symbol.

Paul Garmirian Super Sheffield Cutter

There aren’t many Holy Grail cigar accessories, but we got our hands on one of the most legendary cigar cutters ever made.

Les Fines Lames Adds Three Silver Options for Le Petit Cigar Knife

One design incorporates a classic French design, while two pay tribute to tobacco leaves.

Vector Switch Slated for Early 2024 (Update)

The Switch is highlighted by a user-swappable cutter that can go from a straight cut to a v-cut.