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Christian Eiroa

Eiroa CBT Maduro 51 Heads to Stores

The massive 10-inch by 50 cigar celebrates Christian Eiroa’s 51st birthday.

Eiroa CBT Maduro 51 Announced

Christian Eiroa is once again celebrating his birthday with a 10-inch by 50-ring gauge cigar.

Asylum to Pour New Cool Brew at PCA 2023

It’s the company’s latest venture into aromatic flavors via exotic tobaccos.

Eiroa 50/10

The cigar celebrates a milestone birthday and anniversary, and does so in a big way.

Eiroa 50/10 Heading to Stores Next Week

If you are celebrating your 50th birthday and your company’s 10th anniversary, the obvious thing to do is to make a 10-inch cigar with 50 ring gauge.

PCA Adding More Manufacturers to Boards, Creates New Mission Statement

The Premium Cigar Association (PCA) has announced that it will be expanding its Board of Directors and Executive Committee by adding more manufacturers to each…

Limited Cigar Association Adding New Annual Limited Edition, Debuts with CLE-Made Lonsdale

The Limited Cigar Association (LCA) has become known for its monthly release of limited production cigars that are released on the first Friday of every…

CLE Ships Eiroa Jamastran

The Eiroa Jamastran is off to stores. Christian Eiroa of CLE Cigar Co. announced that his company would begin shipping its latest line, a two-size…

Eiroa Dark Shipping

The newest line from CLE Cigar Co. is now off to stores. Christian Eiroa, the company’s founder, announced that the Eiroa Dark, a three-size line…

Eiroa Adding Dark

Christian Eiroa’s latest line will use high priming corojo tobacco. The name is Dark, a reference to the fact that the leaves used for this…

CLE Cigar Co. Plans TAA Release

Christian Eiroa has announced the first set of details about a cigar that he will be releasing as an exclusive to the Tobacconists Association of…