Casdagli Setting Up Its Own U.S. Distribution Company

Casdagli’s Naples, Fla.-based distribution operation is expected to open on March 1.

Bespoke Co. Ends U.S. Distribution of Casdagli Cigars

Vlada Stojanov is launching is own brand, Somm, at TPE 2023. A new distributor for Casdagli has not been announced.

Casdagli Adds Romanian Distribution Through Exclusive XXI

A launch event is scheduled for June 16 at the Lahovary Palace in Bucharest.

Casdagli Expanding Limited D’Boiss Line

Casdagli’s limited D’Boiss DB52 will be offered to four U.S. stores this year. You can also expect the cigar to appear other stores internationally.

Casdagli Adds Distribution in Switzerland, Liechtenstein

Casdagli Cigars will be distributed by Lampert Cigars in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Villa Casdagli Petit Exquisitos Ships

The Cuban sandwich versions of the Villa Casdagli are heading to stores. Plus, the company announces a distribution deal in Bahrain.

Daughters of the Wind Robusto

While adding a new vitola to a line is a relatively straightforward and uneventful announcement, in the case of the Daughters of the Wind Robusto, it…

Casdagli Adds Distribution in Brazil

Casdagli Cigars is now available in Brazil. The company announced a new distribution deal with Phoenicia Cigars Comercio E Exportacao De Artigos De Tabacaria Ltda,…

Casdagli Adds Distribution in Three Balkan Countries

Casdagli Cigars is expanding its presence in Europe by adding distribution in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. It has signed a distribution agreement with…

Villa Casdagli Pigasus

In May, Casadagli Cigars announced a brand new line named Villa Casdagli, after the home of Emmanuel Casdagli, a Greek businessman who began the family’s Cairo-based cotton business in…

PCA 2021: Casdagli

It took a handful of attempts, but I finally managed to catch up with Vlada Stojanov, the U.S. distributor for Casdagli Cigars. As it turns…