Casa Cuevas

Casa Cuevas Sangre Nueva Toro

The newest release for Casa Cuevas is Sangre Nueva, a blend that happens to also be the first creation from Alec Cuevas, the fifth generation member of the Cuevas family.

PCA 2022: Casa Cuevas

Not only does Casa Cuevas have a new booth and a new cigar line, the youngest generation of the family moved into the spotlight this year.

Casa Cuevas Releasing Sangre Nueva at PCA 2022

The newest line from Casa Cuevas will feature an Ecuadorian-grown, Cameroon-seed wrapper.

Casa Cuevas Promotes Alec Cuevas to Director of Brand Development

Alec Cuevas will now spearhead the company’s new blends for itself and its private label clients.

Casa Cuevas Bringing Back Limited Edition Flaco Habano & Maduro at TPE 2022

A pair of Casa Cuevas limited editions are coming back to the market, as the company has announced that it is rereleasing its Flaco Habano…

Casa Cuevas Announces Price Increase

Casa Cuevas has informed its retailers and brokers that it will be implementing a price increase on its catalog during the first week of February….

Casa Cuevas Patrimonio Toro

Family operations are nothing new in the cigar business, and neither are cigars that celebrate the patriarchs of a company. In 2021, the Cuevas family…

Casa Cuevas Rebrands Prensado Line

The Casa Cuevas Prensado line is getting a new look by way of a secondary band that is being added to help distinguish it from…

Casa Cuevas Ships Patrimonio

Patrimonio, the newest release from Casa Cuevas, is on its way to stores as the company announced today that it has begun shipping. The line…

PCA 2021: A List of Companies Not Exhibiting

The following is a list of companies that have confirmed to halfwheel that they are not exhibiting at the 2021 PCA Convention & Trade Show. All…

Casa Cuevas Patrimonio Debuting at TPE 2021

Next week, Casa Cuevas will show off a new three-size line that pays tributes to the Cuevas’ family’s forefathers. The Casa Cuevas Patrimonio—which translates to patrimony—uses…