Camacho Liberty Series

Camacho Liberty 2020 Shipping in June

Camacho’s Liberty Series will return for its 18th year this June. The Camacho Liberty 2020 is a 6 x 60 box-pressed gordo sizes that uses...
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Camacho Liberty 2012 Returning for 2019

Once again, Camacho will look into its archives for this year’s release of the Liberty Series. The 2019 version of the Camacho Liberty is the...
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Camacho Liberty 2005 Throwback

There have been many cigars released to commemorate specific holidays over the years, but Camacho’s Liberty Series might very well be one of the most...
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Camacho Announces Liberty 2005 Throwback

The Camacho Liberty 2005 is back. Later this month, Davidoff of Geneva USA will begin shipping the Camacho Liberty 2005 Throwback will begin shipping to...
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Camacho Liberty Series 2017

One of the mainstays of Camacho’s portfolio is the yearly Liberty Series. For 15 years the company has released the patriotic-themed cigar, usually in its...
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Camacho Liberty 2017 Announced

Camacho is celebrating 15 years of its popular Liberty Series, with a couple of notable changes for the annual limited edition. First, gone is the...
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Camacho Liberty 2016 Ships Next Week

Camacho’s annual Liberty Series is back for its 14th year. The 2016 version of the annual limited release takes a much more modern approach on...
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Camacho Liberty 2015

When it comes to limited edition cigar series, few have reached the level and longevity of the Camacho Liberty Series. The line was launched in...
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Camacho Liberty Series 2012

It was July 2002 when the Eiroa family decided to celebrate the freedom they found in the United States by issuing a limited run cigar...
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