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Balmoral Añejo XO Oscuro Lancero FT Shipping Next Month

The Balmoral Añejo XO Oscuro Lancero FT Edición Limitada will head to stores next month. This is the second lancero for the Balmoral brand following...
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Agio Adds Balmoral Añejo XO Nicaragua

Royal Agio Cigars’ Balmoral Añejo XO line will be getting a fourth addition later this month. The company has announced the new Balmoral Añejo XO...
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Guantanamera Sues Agio Over Dueto Trademark

Guantanamera Cigar Co. has filed a lawsuit over Royal Agio’s new line: Balmoral Serie Signaturas Dueto. Specifically, Guantanamera is arguing that Royal Agio’s application for a...
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Agio to Distributes La Flor Dominicana in Germany & The Netherlands

La Flor Dominicana has a new German and Dutch distributor. Royal Agio Cigars—makes of Balmoral, Panter, Mehari’s and other brands—will now distribute La Flor Dominicana...
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Royal Agio Ships Balmoral Añejo XO Connecticut

The second half of the new Balmoral Añejo XO lines is now shipping. Royal Agio Cigars has begun shipping the Balmoral Añejo XO Connecticut, which...
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Royal Agio Announces Balmoral Serie Signaturas, E.P. Carrillo Making Dueto

Royal Agio Cigars has announced the latest line for the Balmoral: Serie Signaturas, a focus on collaboration. The first cigar of the new line will...
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Royal Agio Adds Balmoral Añejo XO Connecticut, Oscuro

Next month, Royal Agio Cigars USA will show off two new version of it Balmoral Añejo XO: one Connecticut, one oscuro. The Balmoral Añejo XO Connecticut...
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Royal Agio Cigars Joins Procigar

Procigar, the association of top Dominican cigar manufacturers, has a new member: Royal Agio. While Agio is headquartered in Duizel, Holland, in 1990 the company...
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Royal Agio Cigars to Open U.S. Headquarters

Today, Royal Agio Cigars announced that it will be adding a new headquarters in the United States, with dedicated staff focused on strengthening its presence...
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Royal Agio Adds Gran Toro, Corona and Lancero to Balmoral Añejo XO

Three new sizes are being added to Royal Agio’s Balmoral Añejo XO line, one of which is a limited edition lancero vitola. One year after...
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Balmoral Anejo XO Rothschild Masivo

For a company that has been around since 1904, Royal Agio Cigars isn’t the most well-known cigar company in the United States, but a recent...
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