Berkeley County

Charleston, S.C. Bans Smoking in Parks

Parks in Charleston, S.C. will likely start off 2019 being smoke-free after the city council approved a smoking ban on Tuesday night. While the ban...
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Berkeley County, W.Va. Parks Commission Snuffs Out Smoking

Come the first of the year, smoking will be prohibited in the parks of Berkeley County, W.Va. thanks to the unanimous approval of a smoking...
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Berkeley County, W.V. Passes Smoking Ban, Narrow Exemption for Retail Stores

The Berkeley County, W.V. Board of Health passed a set of strict indoor air regulations on Tuesday evening, but not before making some changes to...
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Smoking Ban Expansion Sought in Berkeley County, WV

The Berkeley County (WV) Board of Health has been petitioned to expand the existing smoking ban to prohibit lighting up in bars, private clubs, parks...
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