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Battleground Cigars

PCA 2023: Battleground Cigars

Battleground brought back a potent cigar from its past for a new release at this year’s trade show.

Battleground Cigar Co. Bringing Back OPK Fire at PCA 2023

While the line debuted in 2014, it had become unavailable in recent years, though that will change later this year.

PCA 2022: Battleground Cigars

In the Battleground tent this year: some old cigars getting a new release, and a project dedicated to showing that enemies on the battleground can still show compassion and charity.

Battleground Cameroon Returning at PCA 2022 for Limited Release

Battleground Cigars found an aged batch of its Cameroon blend, which has been off the market for seven years, and will be releasing the cigars at this summer’s PCA Convention & Trade Show.

PCA 2021: Battleground Cigar Co.

Battleground Cigar Co. has a very recognizable booth, but one I’ve interestingly never been inside before. The way that we cover the trade show, generally…

IPCPR 2019: Battleground Cigars

If there’s one booth at the IPCPR Convention & Trade Show that really captures the essence of the company, it’s Battleground Cigars. When you’re in…

Battleground Cigars Adding Old War Horse at IPCPR 2019

Battleground Cigars is adding a new cigar to its line of Civil War-themed releases, the Old War Horse. The cigar is named for James Longstreet,…

IPCPR 2018: Battleground Cigars

The Battleground Cigars tent was back on the trade show floor this year, by far one of the most distinctive booths, and arguably the one…

IPCPR 2017: Battleground Cigars

The Battleground Cigar tent is back this year.Inside the tent, the Connecticut-based company showed off several new things, including a revamped look of its OPK…

New Packaging Announced for Battleground Cigars’ OPK Colonel and Darby Lines

At next month’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Battleground Cigar will be showing off some new packaging for two of its lines, the OPK Colonel…

Battleground Cigars Adding 6 x 60 to OPK Fire Line

Battleground Cigar is adding one of the most popular vitolas on the market to its OPK Fire line, a box-pressed 6 x 60. The company…