AVO Classic Covers 2015 Limited Edition

Since 2001, the AVO brand has released a specific limited edition cigar to celebrate its namesake’s birthday on March 22, and over the years, that...
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AVO Classic Covers 2015 Slated for April

While there won’t be an AVO birthday cigar this year, there will be an AVO limited edition. Earlier this year, Davidoff of Geneva unveiled a...
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AVO 88

It’s March, which for any fan of the AVO brand means there should be a birthday cigar coming along. Only there isn’t. Each year, since...
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Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo 2015

It’s been two years since halfwheel’s last visit to the Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo (TPC), the annual two-day winter trade show geared towards convenience store operators but...
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Weekly News (Jan. 26, 2015)

Cigar News Rebranded AVO Ships Caldwell Cigar Co. Announces ‘Nothing You Ever Heard Of’ Retailers Courtney Smith Resigns at La Palina Crowned Heads Shows off...
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Rebranded AVOs Shipping Today

Soon you will be able to walk into your local retailer and see the new look of AVO. Late last year, Davidoff of Geneva announced...
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Graded: The Ten Questions for 2014

At the start of every year since 2011, my colleague and halfwheel co-founder Charlie Minato has posted an editorial containing ten questions that he feels the...
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Weekly News (Dec. 22, 2014)

Cigar News New Alec Bradley Smoking New Blends this morning @alecbradley HQ! It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it! #LiveTrue @AB_SammyP pic.twitter.com/3Ck1JF99JC...
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Davidoff Unveils AVO Makeover

Last year, when Oettinger Davidoff AG was unveiling arguably the largest makeover of any brand in the history of cigars, whispers began circulating that AVO...
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AVO Heritage Lancero

If you’ve ever lived somewhere for an extended period of time, there’s likely some place that everyone has been to but yet you never have....
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AVO Greatest Hits Sampler Ships

If you are looking for nearly every AVO limited since 2001, you shouldn’t have to look much further. Multiple retailers have confirmed the delivery of...
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