AVO Launching Syncro Nicaragua Fogata

There’s a new AVO Syncro Nicaragua. Yes, the line that Davidoff of Geneva USA last year, is already getting an extension. The company has announced that...
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Oettinger Davidoff AG Announces Revenue Drop

Oettinger Davidoff AG, parent company of the Davidoff, Camacho, AVO, Cusano and Zino brands has announced the company generated 1.126 billion CHF ($1.16 billion) in...
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AVO Celebrating 90th Birthday With Classic Covers Volume 3

Just because there wasn’t an 89th doesn’t mean there won’t be a 90th. Last year, as part of the brand’s larger makeover, Davidoff of Geneva...
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2015 Awards: Company of the Year

There are no strict guidelines for company of the year. We simply ask each of our reviewers to judge every cigar company on how they...
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AVO Classic Covers 2015 Volume 2

If you’re going to put out something with volume 1 in the name, you’d better be sure to put out at least a volume 2, which...
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AVO Serenata Robusto

What a difference two years makes. When we visited the Davidoff of Geneva USA booth at the 2013 IPCPR, the Camacho relaunch was in full swing...
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AVO Syncro Nicaragua Special Toro

Last year, Davidoff of Geneva USA announced plans for a makeover of the AVO brand, including design changes to the logos and bands as well as...
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AVO Classic Covers Volume 2 Heads to Stores

The second of AVO’s newest limited edition series is on its way to retailers in the U.S. On Friday, Davidoff of Geneva USA began shipping...
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AVO Heritage Lancero

It took some 16 years before the words AVO and lancero were able to be said in the same sentence when referring to an actual...
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AVO Syncro Nicaragua Ships

It’s billed as the boldest release from the AVO brand to date, and it’s now heading to retail stores. Davidoff of Geneva USA announced yesterday...
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AVO Syncro Nicaragua Slated for IPCPR 2015

There’s a new AVO line this year, box-pressed and with Nicaraguan leaves, and while neither is a first for the AVO brand, this will be...
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