Avo Uvezian

AVO 22 30 Years

If celebrating cigar brand anniversaries is your thing, 2018 has certainly been a good year for you, and Davidoff of Geneva USA has been a...
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AVO 22, LE05 Returning in 2018

The two most legendary AVO limited editions are coming back this year: AVO 22 and AVO LE05. Avo Uvezian celebrated 2002 by paying tribute to...
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AVO Improvisation LE17

Spring is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons: the weather warms up, the sun stays out longer, baseball comes back, and it has...
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Avo Uvezian Dies at 91

Avo Uvezian, the legendary jazz pianist turned cigarmaker passed away today, two days after his 91st birthday. Uvezian was born in Beirut on March 22, 1926...
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AVO 90th Classic Covers Volume 4 Debuting at IPCPR 2016

Tomorrow, Davidoff of Geneva USA will show off the latest AVO Classic Covers. The AVO 90th Classic Covers Volume 4 is a 6 x 50/54...
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AVO 90th Classic Covers Volume 3

For many years, each March would bring a new AVO limited edition. The series began in 2001 with the AVO Limited Edition 75, celebrating brand’s founder...
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AVO Launching Syncro Nicaragua Fogata

There’s a new AVO Syncro Nicaragua. Yes, the line that Davidoff of Geneva USA last year, is already getting an extension. The company has announced that...
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AVO Celebrating 90th Birthday With Classic Covers Volume 3

Just because there wasn’t an 89th doesn’t mean there won’t be a 90th. Last year, as part of the brand’s larger makeover, Davidoff of Geneva...
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AVO Classic Covers 2015 Volume 2

If you’re going to put out something with volume 1 in the name, you’d better be sure to put out at least a volume 2, which...
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AVO Classic Covers 2015 Limited Edition

Since 2001, the AVO brand has released a specific limited edition cigar to celebrate its namesake’s birthday on March 22, and over the years, that...
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AVO 88

It’s March, which for any fan of the AVO brand means there should be a birthday cigar coming along. Only there isn’t. Each year, since...
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