AVO 22

AVO 22 30 Years

If celebrating cigar brand anniversaries is your thing, 2018 has certainly been a good year for you, and Davidoff of Geneva USA has been a...
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AVO 22 (2018) Arrives in Stores

The first of a trio of legendary cigars from Davidoff set to be rereleased in 2018 has arrived in stores. That cigar is the AVO...
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AVO Greatest Hits Sampler Coming to IPCPR 2014

Some of the most legendary cigars from the history of AVO will make their return later this year when the company shows off the AVO...
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AVO 787 Discontinued/Relaunch at IPCPR 2011 (Exclusive)

Yesterday, Davidoff quietly stopped shipping the 787 and is now no longer taking orders. Edward Simon, brand manager of AVO, told me they will relaunch...
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AVO 22 (European)

Back in 2002, AVO released one of its first limited edition cigars, the legendary the AVO 22. Crafted by Henke Kelner as a private cigar...
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