Asylum PCA Exclusive

Asylum, Eiora PCA Exclusives Go Round for 2022

Both the Asylum PCA Exclusive and Eiroa PCA Exclusive are back for 2022. Most of the details remain the same as the inaugural 2021 releases, though this year the cigars will be round instead of box-pressed.

Asylum PCA Exclusive 50×5

Regular readers of this site will know that there’s few drama-filled topics in this business quite like the cigar industry’s main trade show, the PCA…

Asylum PCA Exclusive Begins Shipping

After a few delays, the Asylum PCA Exclusive is finally shipping to stores. It’s a three-size line that is made entirely of Honduran tobacco, capped…

PCA 2021: Asylum

With Asylum being part of the CLE family of brands, they’re located in the same booth as they have been in previous years. This year…

Asylum, CLE Creating PCA Exclusives

The Asylum and CLE brands will each be releasing their own exclusive cigars for retailers who attend next month’s 2021 PCA Convention & Trade Show….