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Arturo Fuente / Padrón Legends

Ten Questions for 2023

Two days late and a dollar short, it’s time to think about some big storylines for the cigar industry in 2023.

PCA 2022: Arturo Fuente

The Arturo Fuente booth represents one-half of the most talked-about cigar of PCA 2022. Just because most people wanted to talk first about the Padrón collaboration doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything new inside the Fuente booth proper.

Arturo Fuente & Padrón Show Off Legends Collaboration at PCA 2022

The Fuente y Padrón Legends project was unveiled during the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show, though specific details remain scarce.

PCA 2022: Padrón

Padrón is adding a new vitola to its Family Reserve line, as well as a collaboration that the company is doing with Arturo Fuente.