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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Lancero

Arturo Fuente’s Impossible Collection Begins Shipping

All that is impossible is possible for those who wait. For those uninterested in motivational quotes, 500 boxes of 13 cigars, expect to pay at least $2,600.

PCA 2023: Arturo Fuente

Yes, a lot of the “new” items in the Fuente booth were here last year. No, I do not have any update about when Legends is shipping, though apparently, “not in October.”

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Lancero

Arturo Fuente isn’t known for lanceros, yet, when they make one, it generally has a pretty noted following. There is the Fuente Fuente OpusX Phantom,…

Fuente ForbiddenX 13 Release Arrives in Stores

The third release of the Fuente Fuente OpusX ForibddenX 13 series has arrived in stores. The super limited edition Fuente was mysteriously released in late…

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Lancero

The Don Carlos Lancero is a cigar that I should like. Up until December 2011, the Don Carlos Lancero was a rather rare specimen reserved…