Alexander Berezowski

Cibao Brand Relaunched Through Smoke Miami

The Cibao brand, a reference to the Dominican area which produces a lot of tobacco, is heading back to the U.S. market through a new...
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Procigar 2017: Day 3

There are many constants of Procigar, not getting enough sleep is amongst them. After writing a quick story about some positive FDA news, I headed...
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The Seven Five Cigars Coming from Tabacalera Palma (Update)

Tabacalera Palma has announced that it is producing The Seven Five Cigars, a new line that gets its inspiration from a 2014 documentary about a drug kingpin and...
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Tabacalera Palma Celebrating 79th Anniversary

As part of this year’s ProCigar festival that takes place in the Dominican Republic next week, Tabacalera Palma will show off a release in honor...
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