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Aladino Connecticut

PCA 2022: JRE Tobacco Co.

JRE Tobacco Co. is introducing a new line and additional sizes added to two of the existing lines.

JRE Adding New Sizes to Aladino Cameroon & Connecticut

At the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show, JRE Tobacco Co. will add two new sizes to the Aladino Cameroon line and one new vitola for the Aladino Connecticut line.

Aladino Connecticut 6 x 50

If you were trying to find a hole in the JRE Tobacco Co. portfolio it would be a Connecticut cigar. Yes, the company does have…

IPCPR 2019: JRE Tobacco Co.

JRE Tobacco Co’s booth is the same elongated layout it has had in the past, and while it was tucked away over on the side…

JRE Adds Aladino Connecticut

JRE Tobacco Co. has soft-launched its newest line, the Aladino Connecticut. The Aladino Connecticut uses an Ecuadorian wrapper over a Honduran binder and Honduran fillers….