IPCPR 2017: Sindicato

Sindicato Cigars was once again part of a larger group of booths that include Casa Fernández and Warped, and while there was some crossover in...
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Weekly News (November 25, 2013)

Editor’s Note: It was a busy week at halfwheel, some of that has to do with legislation stories. Here’s the deal. We are going to...
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Sindicato Ships Affinity

Sindicato Cigars  has released the second of their three debut lines to retailers, as their Affinity line recently began showing up on store shelves. The...
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Affinity Corona (Prerelease)

Sindicato Cigars was billed as “a milestone happening in the cigar industry” and a “cigar evolution” that was being led by some of the country’s...
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