Drew Estate Adds Four Cigars to ACID Accents Collection

Drew Estate is expanding its regional edition ACID Accents program to include four new areas: California, Georgia, Chicago and Texas. California-based Drew Diplomat retailers will...
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ACID Kuba Arte

As has been mentioned on this site many times before, it is not unusual for cigar manufacturers to release specific cigars to commemorate special occasions,...
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Drew Estate Ships ACID 20

The ACID 20 is off to stores. While the cigar has the words ACID and 20 in the name—a reference to the 20th anniversary of the ACID...
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ACID Croqueta

When it comes to polarizing words in the cigar industry, I’m not sure if there is any as polarizing as ACID. Since debuting 20 years...
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Drew Estate Celebrates 20 Years of ACID With Kuba Arte

To cap off the 20th anniversary of ACID, Drew Estate has partnered with five graffiti artists from Brooklyn on a new cigar that celebrates the...
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Drew Estate Celebrates 20 Years of ACID with ACID 20

It’s the 20th anniversary of ACID, the cigar that arguably put Drew Estate on the map, and they are celebrating it with the release of...
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Drew Estate Announces Regionally Exclusive ACID Accents Collection

Drew Estate has announced a new series of ACID cigars that will be exclusive to retailers in certain regions. The ACID Accents Collection will serve...
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ACID Blondie, Mega Head to Germany

For the first time in its two-decade history, ACID will be sold in Germany. The brand’s two most popular sizes—Blondie and Kuba Kuba—will be sold...
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ACID Plush Shipping Next Month

The ACID Purple line-up will be getting another addition next month in the form of the 5 1/2 x 50 size known as Plush. Yesterday,...
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Drew Estate’s ACID Cartel Subculture Returns as JML Wholesale Exclusive

The ACID Cartel Subculture from Drew Estate is heading back to the market, this time as an exclusive release for Michigan-based JML Wholesale, which operates...
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IPCPR 2017: Drew Estate

Drew Estate seems to bring its A-game to IPCPR every year and this year was no different. In addition to completely changing up its booth—the...
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