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ACE Prime

Luciano Cigars Rebrands Pichardo Cigars as Tiago Cigars

The line’s new name honors Tiago Splitter, the company’s co-founder and vice-president.

Crowned Heads, Luciano Meirelles Send Cease and Desists to One Another

As expected, the dispute between Crowned Heads and Luciano Cigars has entered a legal phase.

ACE Prime Shipping Maria Lucia & Mas Igneus Tomorrow

Maria Lucia is a new line that pays tribute to the mother of Luciano Meirelles, co-founder of ACE Prime. Mas Igneus is a new line of cigars that was blended with tobaccos that matched the pH levels of a specific wine.

PCA 2022: ACE Prime

Like last year, ACE Prime’s products for the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show are located inside of the Crowned Heads booth. Those releases include a blend honoring the life of ACE Prime founder and co-owner Luciano Meirelles’ mother as well as a cigar made with tobacco which has been selected specifically for its pH balance.

ACE Prime to Debut Mas Igneus at PCA 2022

After a wine was created for an ACE Prime cigar, the company has created a cigar to pair with wines by focusing on a particular aspect of the filler tobaccos.

ACE Prime to Release Maria Lucia as PCA 2022 Exclusive

ACE Prime will be offering a new limited edition called Maria Lucia to retailers who attend the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show.

Luciano The Dreamer Belicoso

After debuting in a lancero vitola, the Luciano The Dreamer line got three new vitolas in the spring of 2022, including this Belicoso.

Three New Sizes of Luciano The Dreamer Shipping This Week

The three new sizes of Luciano The Dreamer from ACE Prime will be arriving on store shelves soon, as the company is set to begin…