Vector-KGM Releases New Colors for Five Lighters

The Alpha, Empire, Jetz, Apex and Throne lighters are getting some new color options.

Palió Lazio

If you’ve been lighter shopping lately, you know that there is a ton of competition in what would be considered the budget-friendly end of the…

Vector-KGM Releases Improved Duke Lighter

The Duke is a 2-in-1 lighter offering both a soft flame and a jet torch.

Vector-KGM Teases New Shield, Aero Lighters

The release will also mark the debut of two new colors for Vector’s portfolio.

Scrim By HutcH Adds Protector Series Cutters

The customized cutter company honors law enforcement and firefighters with its new releases.

Vector ICON IV

For the fourth release in its flagship ICON line, Vector-KGM joined a growing number of companies in getting into the wide flat flame segment of…

Caseti BigFlat

Sometimes a cigar or accessory will have a name you have to do some research on, and then there are times when a company comes…

Blazer PB207 The Torch

While the vast majority of the cigar accessory reviews found on this site are of recently released products, the COVID-19 pandemic presented an interesting challenge:…

Tatuaje’s Dot Ashtrays Get Full Release

The customs process delayed things, but all five colors of the Tatuaje Dot Ashtrays are now available.

Quality Importers Ships New Palió Lazio Lighter

A new pocket-friendly and wallet-friendly lighter from the Palió brand will soon be arriving on store shelves.

El Septimo Slates New Lighters and Pens for Holiday Season

The company is releasing 10 designs that will celebrate its Emperor and Sacred Arts collections.