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S.T. Dupont Le Grand Dupont Perfect Ping

Soft flame? Check. Torch flame? Check. Six years of waiting to review this? Check.

Vector-KGM Adding Seven New Fade Colors for Warrior Lighter

Vector is bringing its new fade color design to its popular—and high-powered—Warrior lighter.

Vector Speed, VTorque, and Vantage Coming to Stores in Mid-September

The company is rolling out new multi-fade colorways with the release of this trio of new lighters.

Quality Importers Introducing Palió PRO Line at PCA 2023 with Scorpius, Antares and Polaris Lighters

The Palió PRO series offers higher-end, more durable lighters that the company hopes will become your everyday carry lighter.

XIKAR Ion Debuting at PCA 2023, Scheduled for October Release

It’s a dual flame torch lighter that is billed as being able to light 80 cigars between refills.

Scrim by HutcH’s Fallen Warrior Cutter Gets Reworked, to Ship This Month

Supply issues forced a change to a body style, though the change is a positive one in the eyes of Rick Hutchings.

Colibri Releases Rally Humidor

The new humidor holds up to 125 cigars and features a soft-close lid to protect its inner seal.