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5ta Avenida

Bolívar Colosales (ER Alemania 2006)

There have been 15 Germany Edición Regionals to date. As it turns out, it took us 13 years to review the first two of them….

Punch Preferidos Edición 5ta Avenida Arrives in Germany Next Week

A new Edición Regional will be on the shelves of La Casa del Habano shops in Germany next week, as the distributor 5ta Avenida has…

Por Larrañaga Coronas Edición Regional 5ta Avenida Arrives

The 2017 Edición Regional for the distributor 5ta Avenida has arrived, as on Friday the company announced the release of the Por Larrañaga Coronas in Germany….

Bolívar Especiales No.2 (ER Germany 2009)

Since Habanos S.A. began its Edición Regional program in 2005, it’s fair to say that 2009 was the beginning of the apex of the program:…

Review: Por Larrañaga Robusto (ER Alemania 2010)

The Por Larrañaga brand traces its history to 1834, when it was registered by Ignacio Larrañaga, making it the oldest marca in the Habanos S.A….

Bolívar 109 5th Avenida (ER Germany) (Prerelease)

The Bolívar 109 5th Avenida is yet another Edición Regional released this year. The specific size revives a format that has not been manufactured for…