262 Paradigm

Paradigm Corona Coming From 262 Cigars

While it has been on the radar since being mentioned in July 2013, the 262 Paradigm Corona is finally coming to fruition. However, it will...
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IPCPR 2013: 262 Cigars

Things for 262 Cigars are staying mostly status quo with only a couple changes to their lineup. While this is a small company, this is...
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262 Cigars Discontinuing Paradigm 4SIXTY

Clint Aaron of 262 Cigars has confirmed that the Paradigm 4SIXTY is being discontinued in the near future. Aaron told halfwheel that there is approximately...
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News: 262 Cigars To Add New Line, Expand Ideology and Paradigm Lines

262 Cigars is adding a new full line of cigars and a pair of additions to their Ideology and Paradigm lines. The Ideology line will...
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Weekly News (December 12, 2011)

Editor’s Note: A few things. Last week I stated that we would not be publishing a Top Ten list this year, I lied. Due to...
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