2016 Awards

2016 Awards: The Consensus Top 25 Cigars

It is likely that there will never be a year quite like 2016 for The Consensus. The difference between first and second? One point. The difference...
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2016 Awards: Top 25 Cigars

For the fifth time, halfwheel list its 25 best cigars of the year. This time the year is 2016 and the list is below. You will likely...
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2016 Awards: Company of the Year

As we have stated at the beginning of each of our previous company of the year award announcements, there are no strict guidelines for company...
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2016 Awards: Factory of the Year

In boxing, some won’t consider you a true champion until you defend the belt. It’s a belief that winning your first is significantly easier than defending...
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2016 Awards: New Company of the Year

There’s no question that the field was neither as wide or as strong as it has been in the past for our new company of...
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2016 Awards: Packaging Top 10

The best looking cigars and cigar packaging for 2016.
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