da Vinci. Picasso. Now, Monet.

The latest entry in S.T.Dupont’s Art Icon Series will honor and draw inspiration from Claude Monet. As with the previous releases centered around other renowned artists, it will include a variety of accessories that feature art from Monet, this time Impression, soleil levant (Impression, Sunrise), a painting from 1872.

Six different pieces are part of the collection: a lighter, a pipe, three pens and a passport cover.

The company says that it used the same natural pigments as the original painting. Those are applied by hand as part of the S.T.Dupont’s signature lacquer process.

S.T.Dupont’s Line 2 Lighter ($2,064) shows the painting on both the body and cap. There are two different engravings on the gold body: the roller ball has Monet’s signature and the lacquer tree is “slightly engraved” on the bottom of the lighter.

For $2,530, the lighter is sold as part of a Smoker’s Kit, which includes a briar wood pipe finished in blue lacquer with gold accents.

S.T.Dupont’s normal array of pens—ballpoint ($1,530), rollerball ($1,664) and fountain pen ($2,064)—are offered in the same bas bodye. The cap features the painting while the body is blue lacquer. Like the lighter, Monet’s signature and the lacquer tree are on the pen.

A Writing Kit includes the fountain pen and a leather passport cover, made in Spain. It’s priced at $2,530.

All items are limited to 1,872 numbered pieces.

The Monet Collection began shipping earlier this month. S.T.Dupont is distributed in the U.S. by Davidoff of Geneva USA.

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