In 1872, Simon Tissot-Dupont founded S.T.Dupont as a company that focused on making leather goods in travel cases. Eventually, the business was passed onto his sons who, in 1921, purchased a hôtel particulier in Paris, basically a converted mansion that serves as a hotel, and used it for their growing business.

This year, the company—now best known for its lighters—is celebrating its 150th anniversary and is doing so with some special items. One of those items pays tribute to that building.

The S.T.Dupont Ligne 2 Hôtel Particulier lighter is a gold lighter that has drawings of the building on both the front and back of the lighter. Like other Ligne 2 lighters, it features two flame nozzles allowing it to create a wider flame. To use the lighter, the user opens the flip-top lid—creating a signature pinging sound—and then flicks the roller wheel to the left using their right thumb. This turns the flint and lights the dual flames.

This particular model has an MSRP of $1,295 and is limited to 150 pieces. This lighter is exclusive to the American market, where S.T.Dupont is distributed by Coles of London.

This is one of two Hôtel Particulier lighters that S.T.Dupont made this year. The other one is a more expensive, engraved model that is limited to 150 pieces. Coles of London shipped a small quantity of that lighters to select stores earlier this year.

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