French accessory maker S.T.Dupont is teaming up with the world’s most famous cigar brand for the third time.

The company has worked with Habanos S.A. for two new collections: one for Cohiba and the other for Cohiba’s popular sub-brand Behike. There are a total of nine pieces between the two collections.

For the regular Cohiba collection, there are two lighters—a classic Ligne 2 and the dual flame Le Grand—a Cohiba-branded Maxijet cutter, a two cigar case and a 50-count humidor. The collection uses Cohiba’s classic black and white dot pattern with a gold accent and the Indianhead logo. The Ligne 2 lighter is the classic double soft flame lighter with a ping; Le Grand is a newer lighter that features both a soft flame and a torch but does not have a ping.

  • S.T.Dupont Ligne 2 Cohiba — €1,090
  • S.T.Dupont Le Grand Cohiba — €1,290
  • S.T.Dupont Maxijet Cutter Cohiba — €140
  • S.T.Dupont Double Cigar Case Cohiba — €180
  • S.T.Dupont Humidor Cohiba — €550

The Behike collection mimics the Behike BHK cigar, which focuses on the Indianhead logo and dot pattern and has a subtler gold accent. It contains a Le Grand lighter, a traditional double guillotine cutter, a 50-count humidor and cuff links.

  • S.T.Dupont Le Grand Behike — €1,390
  • S.T.Dupont Cigar Cutter Behike — €240
  • S.T.Dupont Humidor Behike — €550
  • S.T.Dupont Cufflinks Behike — €350

S.T.Dupont released the Cohiba collection late last month, the Behike collection is expected to be released this month. Neither collection will be sold in the U.S.

Of note, S.T.Dupont says that while the lighters are numbered, they are not limited. In addition, the company is not allowing retailers or customers to reserve specific numbers.

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