In February, General Cigar Co. shipped the latest limited edition size for the Punch Rare Corojo release, the Regalias Perfecto. Previous years have seen other special size perfectos released alongside the regular production sizes, like last year’s Rare Lapiz and the 2014 release, Rare Salomones.

As it stands, this is the 2016 lineup for the Rare Corojo:

  • Punch Rare Corojo Rothschild (4 1/2 x 50) — $6.52 (Boxes of 50, $326.00)
  • Punch Rare Corojo Champion (4 1/2 x 60) — $7.04 (Boxes of 25, $176.00)
  • Punch Rare Corojo Elites (5 1/4 x 45) — $4.94 (Boxes of 25, $123.50)
  • Punch Rare Corojo Magnum (5 1/4 x 56) — $8.28 (Boxes of 25, $207.00)
  • Punch Rare Corojo El Doble (6 x 60) — $8.79 (Boxes of 20, $175.70)
  • Punch Rare Corojo Pitas (6 1/8 x 50) — $7.78 (Boxes of 25, $194.50)
  • Punch Rare Corojo El Diablo (6 1/2 x 66) — $10.20 (Boxes of 20, $204.00)
  • Punch Rare Corojo Double Corona (6 3/4 x 48) — $8.16 (Boxes of 25, $204.00)
  • Punch Rare Corojo Regalias Perfecto (7 1/4 x 54) — $7.99 (Boxes of 10, $79.90)

Punch Rare Corojo Regalias Perfecto Limited Edition 2016 Box 1

Punch Rare Corojo Regalias Perfecto Limited Edition 2016 Box 2

Punch Rare Corojo Regalias Perfecto Limited Edition 2016 Box 3

General has also announced, this year also will be the last for the 6 3/4 x 48 Double Corona, which will be retired after this year’s production runs out

Punch Rare Corojo Regalias Perfecto Limited Edition 2016 1

  • Cigar Reviewed: Punch Rare Corojo Regalias Perfecto Limited Edition 2016
  • Country of Origin: Honduras
  • Factory: STG Danlí
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
  • Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras & Nicaragua
  • Length: 7 1/4 Inches
  • Ring Gauge: 54
  • Vitola: Perfecto
  • MSRP: $7.99 (Boxes of 10, $79.90)
  • Release Date: Feb. 17, 2016
  • Number of Cigars Released: n/a
  • Number of Cigars Smoked For Review: 3

The Regalias Perfecto has a really striking presentation, with the dark Sumatra wrapper contrasting beautifully with the limited edition version of the Punch band featuring a cream background instead of the normal red and gold affair. Slightly rough to the touch, the wrapper does have a rich oily feel to it as well. Gently squeezing the cigar reveals firm construction with very little give anywhere. Leather, earth and a touch of pepper make up the aroma coming off the wrapper, while a more interesting mix of almonds, vanilla, cocoa and some light bready notes make up the cold draw.

Starting into the first third of the Regalias Perfecto, a nutty cocoa note jumps up front, with some charred bread, light pepper, and a bit of a brown gravy note in the background. The draw is extremely tight and I’m barely able to actually pull any smoke through. As the burn line makes its way around the perfecto’s bulge, it stays sharp and almost completely even, a feat that many perfectos seem to not be able to manage. As it makes it past the curve, the draw finally starts to open up to a more acceptable range and where I can actually get some good smoke production going. A huge spice note shows up next to the nuttiness, cocoa and pepper, while the charred bread and brown gravy have faded to very distant flavors in the background.

Punch Rare Corojo Regalias Perfecto Limited Edition 2016 2

The second third continues with more of a sweet profile of cocoa and spice while the nuttiness has turned into more of a marzipan note. Though the draw is still snug, it has worked its way into the ideal range, producing enough smoke with each draw to be acceptable. The burn line has continued to stay mostly even, with the exception of one little jagged section that appears like it’s going to correct itself. There isn’t much change in the profile specifics, with cocoa, spice and almonds still present, however the overall profile has become much less sweet.

Punch Rare Corojo Regalias Perfecto Limited Edition 2016 3

Moving into the final third, we see another transition from sweet to savory, with the return of some pepper and that brown gravy note from before, pairing up with the cocoa, spice and nuttiness to create an interesting profile. While the second third saw the burn become a little jagged, it has evened itself up and is almost back to the same sharp line without any intervention from my lighter. As I wrap up the final inch of the cigar, the strength and pepper grow and continue to solidify the savory profile and finishes smooth without getting hot or harsh.

Punch Rare Corojo Regalias Perfecto Limited Edition 2016 4

Final Notes

  • While this is a limited edition, the whole Rare Corojo release is actually a limited production each year. General makes what they can from that year’s allotment of tobacco for the blend, and when they sell out they’re gone until next year.
  • I found it interesting that this limited edition wasn’t priced artificially higher than the rest of the line for no other reason that it was limited. In fact, it’s priced cheaper than some of the other smaller sizes in the line.
  • In 2001 this was made a regular annual release.
  • While these weren’t damaged in the initial shipment to halfwheel, in transit to me all three samples had their heads split open from the cap almost all the way to the band. I found it weird that all three samples cracked in almost the same way, while none of the other cigars in the same package had any damage to them at all.
  • Cigars for this review were purchased by halfwheel.
  • Final smoking time averaged around two hours and fifteen minutes.
  • Site sponsors Atlantic Cigar Co. and list the Regalias Perfectos in stock.
88 Overall Score

I had a lot of trepidation going into this cigar. I have historically enjoyed the Rare Corojo blend, having been one of my go to cigars as I “grew up” in the cigar world. Seeing all three samples with giant cracks in the head and then the extremely tight draw going into the first third had me worried how this experience was going to go. After the draw opened up however, the cigar really got going in a positive direction, with no other construction issues and a profile that shifted and kept me guessing where it was going next. While the flavors weren’t necessarily ones that I would throw together off the top of my head, they didn’t clash and even in some strange way complemented each other. Pair all that with the fact that it’s a pretty good deal for a seven inch perfecto and this is a release I can definitely recommend picking up before it’s all gone.

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Brian Burt

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