Most of them that is.

Today marks the official start of the 2018 Procigar Festival, the Dominican cigar festival put on by the organization with the same name. This year, the festival returns to Casa de Campo before heading to Santiago on Tuesday, which serves as the beginning of Procigar for most.

Friday night will play host to the conclusion of the event and as has been the case, the formal event will feature an auction. As in years past, two charities will receive the proceeds from the auction: Hospicio San Vincente de Paul and Voluntariado Jesus con los Niños.

Most members of Procigar donate humidors—usually containing special cigars—to the charity auction, which usually includes art, personal items—like Litto Gomez’s hat—and on occasion, the right to shave Manuel “Manolo” Quesada Jr.’s mustache.

Dominican artists Fanny Lóra has created another piece in her Late que Late series. The first piece in the collection was auctioned off last year.

Starting bid: $1,000

It’s the 50th anniversary of the Davidoff brand and Davidoff’s auction item includes 50 Double Corona cigars created by Eladio Diaz for the occasion. The cigars are exclusive to the auction and cannot be purchased otherwise. In addition, a one-of-a-kind cedar ashtray is included.

Starting bid: $3,200

Rene Leon created a humidor, named Regina. It’s the auction item from De Los Reyes, best known for its SAGA brand. Over 100 hours were required to create the humidor, which uses Wenge and Zebrawood. Included in Regina are 150 cigars.

Starting bid: $3,500

Arturo Fuente has created a special Don Carlos The Man Humidor, which includes a total of eight boxes of cigars, all bearing the name of the late Carlos Fuente Sr.

The humidor comes with two boxes each of the following:

If you don’t recognize the last cigar, it’s to be expected. Don Carlos “The Man” was released during the annual Fuentemania event at Holt’s last year, but has otherwise been unseen. Carlos Fuente Jr. told halfwheel the blend was similar to Don Carlos but used tobacco from the company’s Chateau de la Fuente farms.

In addition, three of the company’s We will never rush the hands of time ashtrays are included.

Starting Bid: $2,000

General Cigar is celebrating 50 years of the Macanudo brand. As such, the General Cigar Dominicana factory has created a special humidor containing some of the brand’s iconic lines: 1968, Café, Cru Royale, Inspirado Black and Inspirado Orange.

A special Humidif humidor has been created for the festival. It’s made entirely of okume—a wood noted for its neutral scenet—and holds 100 cigars.

Starting Bid: $800

La Aurora has created a humidor containing 128 Preferidos Barrel-Aged cigars, which are formally launching in the Dominican market at this year’s festival.

Starting Bid: Not Listed

La Flor Dominicana has created a special humidor containing 88 El Museos, a limited edition from 2009.

Starting Bid: Not Listed

It appears the release of the Perez-Carrillo Series Encore is finally here. E.P. Carrillo has been working on the blend since at least early 2016 and on Friday, one person will walk away with the first cigars. While we still don’t’ know the blend, the cigar is noted for its use of tercios, bundles that are made from the Royal Palm tree and then packed with tobacco.

This year’s lot from E.P. Carrillo is a tercio-styled humidor, and inside are 25 cigars from each of the four sizes, named after Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Jr.’s grandchildren.

  • Perez-Carrillo Series Encore Celestial (6 1/8 x 50)
  • Perez-Carrillo Series Encore Valientes (6 1/8 x 52)
  • Perez-Carrillo Series Encore Majestic (5 3/8 x 52)
  • Perez-Carrillo Series Encore El Primero (6 7/8 x 54)

Starting bid: $2,000

Tabacalera Palma has created a humidor chess set. No details are available, but the pictures seem relatively self-explanatory: chess, alcohol and cigars.

Starting bid: Not Listed

Quesada has created a humidor full of cigars from the personal humidor of Manuel “Manolo” Quesada Jr. Inside are a total of 100 cigars which cannot be found on shelves due to their age and the fact most were limited editions.

Inside the humidor are:

Starting Bid: $2,000

Hospicio San Vincente de Paul is a non-profit dedicated to providing care for the elderly of Santiago. Proceeds will help to complete the Golden Age Residential Center, an area that will care for 26 full-time residents and 12 more daytime patients. The project is being created so that the organization can charge for care to help pay for its charitable costs.

Voluntariado Jesus con los Niños is a non-profit dedicated to helping children and their facilities. It includes a children’s oncology unit, children’s burn unit and a nutritional program that helps to offset the effects of chemotherapy treatment.

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