This week is the first week after Valentine’s Day, which also means it’s time for the Dominican Republic’s annual cigar festival, Procigar.

On Friday, the event will conclude with an event at Centro Español in Santiago. As in years past, that event will include an auction benefitting two local charities: Hospicio San Vincente de Paul and Voluntariado Jesus con los Niños. Typically, each Procigar member donates a specialty lot for the charity, the following items are what is currently listed though it’s likely additional items will be added.

Skin on Skin by Fanny Lora & Anselmo Liberato

Longtime Procigar collaborator Fanny Lora is back with a collaboration with Anselmo Liberato. This piece uses two different mediums: an acrylic painting and carved woods of tobacco leaves

Starting Bid: $1,000

The Mural Humidor by General Cigar Dominicana

The humidor was painted under the supervision of Anilcia de Luna, Santiago City Hall head muralist, with various images of tobacco. Inside each humidor is a total of 60 cigars, all in the 5 x 49 size.

  • 20 Macanudo Café
  • 20 Macanudo Inspirado Orange
  • 20 Macanudo Inspirado Black
  • 20 Macanudo Inspirado White
  • 20 Macanudo Inspirado Red

Starting Bid: $2,000

Encore Humidor “Ernesto’s Selection”

The lot from Tabacalera La Alianza S.A./E.P. Carrillo (not pictured) features 10 of each of the four sizes of the company’s Encore line.

  • Perez-Carrillo Encore Celestial (6 1/8 x 50) — $11.75 (Boxes of 10, $117.50)
  • Perez-Carrillo Encore Valientes (6 1/8 x 52) — $12.25 (Boxes of 10, $122.50)
  • Perez-Carrillo Encore Majestic (5 3/8 x 52) — $11.50 (Boxes of 10, $115)
  • Perez-Carrillo Encore El Primero (6 7/8 x 54) — $12.50 (Boxes of 10, $125)

Starting Bid: $2,000

La Aurora Preferido Hors d’Age Humidor

This appears to be the same humidor the company sold at the 2018 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show. Inside the massive box are 146 cigars and an electronic Cigar Spa humidification system. Of note, that humidor retailed for $5,000, which is a bit above the starting price for this unit.

  • 34 – La Aurora Hors d’Age Salomon (6 1/2 x 50/60)
  • 34 – La Aurora Hors d’Age Belicoso (6 1/4 x 52)
  • 2 – La Aurora Hors d’Age Stravaganza (20 x 80)
  • 38 – La Aurora Hors d’Age Toro 1 (5 3/4 x 54)
  • 38 – La Aurora Hors d’Age Toro 2 (5 1/4 x 54)

Starting Bid: $3,000

Montecristo Megador Humidor

This humidor was created in collaboration with Nsolo Consulting Group. It celebrates the Montecristo brand and appears to include 189 cigars. There are three trays, which appear to hold 18 cigars each, along with nine sections in the bottom that contain 15 cigars. The humidor is finished with polished gold hardware engraved with fleur-de-lis logos.

Inside the humidor are the following cigars:

  • Montecristo Classic Robusto
  • Montecristo Classic No. 2
  • Montecristo Classic Toro
  • Montecristo Platinum Robusto
  • Montecristo Platinum No. 2
  • Montecristo Platinum Toro
  • Montecristo White Rothchilde
  • Montecristo White No. 2
  • Montecristo White Toro

Starting Bid: $3,000

Quesada Cigars Humidor

The large Quesada humidor is made of oak with a cedar interior. The top features a glass lid with an engraving by Pragmy Marichal, the same artist behind the artwork inside the Vega Magna box.

Inside the humidor are the following cigars:

  • 100 Fonseca Cubano Limitado Toro
  • 100 Quesada 1974 Robusto
  • 100 Vega Magna Belicoso

Starting Bid: $4,000

PDR Abe Flores Macassar Prometheus Special Edition Humidor

This massive Prometheus humidor contains 150 cigars, all 6 1/2 x 52 figurados rolled by Nandy López and Héctor Infante, the factory’s master rollers. The humidor is made in France using Macassar ebony and a mahogany interior.

Starting Bid: $4,000

Winston Churchill by Davidoff

This lot (not pictured) contains a variety of Winston Churchill-branded items from Davidoff. It starts with one of the company’s humidors filled with 80 cigars from the new Traveller limited edition: Robusto (5 x 50) and Corona (5 x 43). In addition, the lot includes a limited edition Winston Churchill ashtray and Winston Churchill glasses.

Starting Bid: $4,500

Domino Victoriano by De Los Reyes

Created by René León, the company says this humidor was inspired by a 19th-century tobacco trading building. The humidor, which has 10 cubic feet of interior space, is made out of mahogany, cedar and African wenge and took “nearly 300 hours” to make.

Included are 350 cigars from De Los Reyes.

Starting Bid: $5,000

La Fleur d’Or by La Flor Dominicana

This cigar cutter is a bit of a tie to Litto Gomez’s past life as a jeweler. The cutter is made from solid 18-karat gold with stainless steel blades. Eight Burmese sapphires, totaling 1-carat weight, are placed on each side of the main part of the cutter. This is the first of 88 numbered cutters that La Flor Dominicana plans on releasing.

Retail value is $17,000, though a starting bid has not been announced.

Tabacalera Palma

The factory behind La Galera and others has taken an old rum barrel and it turned into a humidor and mini-bar. Inside, the humidor can hold 100 cigars, now protected from the rum barrel’s influence.

Included are the following cigars:

  • 25 La Galera Habano Churchill
  • 25 La Instructora Box Pressed #2
  • 25 Aging Room F55 Concerto
Starting Bid: $4,000

Hospicio San Vincente de Paul is a non-profit dedicated to providing care for the elderly of Santiago. Proceeds will help to complete the Golden Age Residential Center, an area that will care for 26 full-time residents and 12 more daytime patients. The project is being created so that the organization can charge for care to help pay for its charitable costs.

Voluntariado Jesus con los Niños is a non-profit dedicated to helping children and their facilities. It includes a children’s oncology unit, children’s burn unit and a nutritional program that helps to offset the effects of chemotherapy treatment.

Update (Feb. 19, 2019) — Added the Tabacalera Palma lot. This post was originally published on Feb. 18.

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