October 22, 2013 (Tampa, Fla.) — Self-realization – it was under this leitmotiv and credo that the Zino Platinum brand was to create the new Collector’s Edition. The aim was to capture the revolutionary innovative potential of Los Angeles and to reflect its key elements, to continuously redefine culture.

Zino Platinum “The Make of Los Angeles

With his Urban Evolution Series in Los Angeles, artist Burton Machen brought to life the art productions requested by Zino Platinum on the four cover themes: cars, film, tattoos and music. Machen’s art work functions as a cover design and presents in an avant-garde style the “Los Angeles” Collector’s Edition in a bright orange-lacquered cigar box. During the creative development process the artist celebrated the never-ending self-realization and quintessence of Zino Platinum collectively, distinctively and uniquely.

“The Make of Los Angeles” Collector’s Edition also reflects, however, a culture that has developed dramatically in less than a century and is constantly propelled by innovation and numerous self-made men. At the same time, this creation from Zino Platinum aims to inject energy into the cigar industry by constantly seeking out new routes.

Zino Platinum “The Make of Los Angeles

“With this Collector’s Edition, we look forward to honoring the pioneers, who tirelessly provide revolutionary creativity and constantly question”, explains Scott Kolesaire, Zino Platinum Brand Manager.

Artist Burton Machen, who was born in 1970 in Ashville/Alabama, has devoted several decades of his life to photographing street art and urban decay. He posts his work on the street and lets other artists and passers-by add to it. The resulting collage is not only a form of collective artistic expression, but can also influence thoughts and opinions, believes Burton. In his work, he invites the world in and observes how it reacts. He researches, documents the time, the weather and the passers-by until a unique image is created. “The only thing that is constant is evolution”, comments Burton on the concept behind his work.

Zino Platinum “The Make of Los Angeles

The taste of this cigar in its majestic Toro format reflects the spirit of the age. Its aroma changes from sweet/creamy to a more powerful, woody note with a slightly musky/peppery touch. In the second third, the cigar draws and burns consistently. Now the woody notes are predominant, but are increasingly rounded off by sweet and creamy nuances. During the last third of the cigar, the taste is very balanced and fills the mouth. Thanks to the mix of these special tobacco varieties such as San Vincente MejoradoVisus, Piloto Visus, Olor/Piloto Visus, San Vicente Mejorado Visus and San Vicente Mejorado Seco, the cigar creatively expresses innovative aromas that offer inspiring pleasure.

“The Make of Los Angeles” Collector’s Edition is limited to 750 sets of 4 boxes in the United States. Available to select retailers in the USA from October, and in Germany and Switzerland from December 2013.

Zino Platinum  The Make of Los Angeles Collector s Edition 1

  • Length: 6”
  • Diameter: RG 54
  • Format: Toro 
  • SRP: $18.00 single cigar / $180.00 box of 10 cigars 
  • Wrapper: Habana Ecuador 
  • Binder: Yamasá 
  • Filler: San Vincente MejoradoVisus, Piloto Visus, Olor/Piloto Visus, San Vicente Mejorado Visus, San Vicente Mejorado Seco


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