October 15, 2013 — Montecristo is the best known and probably the most appreciated of all the Habanos brands since it was created in 1935. It s considered by many enthusiasts the flavour reference by which all other Habanos are measured.

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Montecristo’s exquisite blend of tobaccos has been exclusively produced using selected leaves from Vuelta Abajo zone, (D.O.P) Pinar del Río*, Cuba, land of the best tobacco in the world. The original blend of the Línea Clásica, with a medium to full flavour offers a distinguished aroma that continues to captivate both experienced smokers and novices alike.


Montecristo‘s classic range initially only comprised vitolas numbered from 1 to 5, gradually expanding to cater for the varied tastes of Habano lovers.

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This is the first addition in the Línea Clásica in many years. Montecristo Petit No.2 (ring gauge 52 x 120 mm in length) is a figurado -tapered at one end- shape in keeping with the brand’s tradition, the classical Montecristo No.2 being considered one of the references for the figurado category.

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Montecristo Petit No.2 is a vitola designed for those who love the brand’s figurados – tapered at one end- formats can enjoy the Montecristo flavour in less time.

The Habanos Montecristo Petit No.2 are “Totalmente a mano con tripa larga” -Totally handmade-, Long Filler like the rest of the Montecristo range. 

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Petit No.2 incorporates the new Montecristo band (also shown in the new Double Edmundo recently launched) which being innovative in its design keeps at the same time the classic look of the brand.

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Montecristo Petit No.2 will be available in the brand’s classic labelled box of 25 and 10 units, as well as packs of 3 units. The packs will arrive to the markets shortly after the labelled boxes are available.

Montecristo Petit No. 2 in its labelled box of 25 units will be arriving to the different outlets around the world in the coming weeks.

  • Brand: Montecristo
  • Commercial Name: Montecristo Petit No.2
  • Factory Name: Petit No.2
  • Measures: 52 ring gauge(20,64 mm) x 120 mm in length
  • Presentation: Labelled Box of 25 units Labelled Box of 10 units (The 3 unit pack will be arriving slightly after 25 and 10’s boxes)
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