February 9, 2014 (Miami, Fla.) — Cubanacan Cigars to narrow the scope of their portfolio by dissolving their affiliation with the Tarazona brand to better focus on the continued quality, craftsmanship, and story behind their core lines. 2014 will focus on the core brands of Mederos, Cubanacan, Soneros.
As a family owned cigar manufacturer, Cubanacan prides itself on maintaining the excellence in all aspects of cigars that today’s consumer deserves. Through a passion for the lifestyle every tobacco enthusiast embraces and a deep personal concept behind each brand in the Cubanacan Family of Cigars, 2014 is set to be the most exciting year in company history.
The goal of each line produced in Cubanacan’s Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua is to tell the story of tradition and attention to detail paid to each cigar produced there. Our flagship line, Cubanacan, bears the name of our factory and is steeped in the history of Cuba. Mederos, the family name of the brother team behind Cubanacan Cigars, is full of the flavors and complexity that only a cigar with personal meaning behind it could contain. Soneros is best described by its tag line “The aromas of the past, brought to the present”, and is the personal project of the Cuban master responsible for quality control at Cubanacan’s facility.
Each line tells a portion of the story of Cubanacan Cigars and represents the personal passion and dedication to sharing that story and tradition with each cigar. Tradition is embraced in every way at Cubanacan. From blending to packaging, construction to flavor; Cubanacan strives to tell our story in smoke.

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