March 5, 2012 (Havana, Cuba) — On early Saturday morning a cigar humidor in form of a detailed replica of the “El Laguito” cigar factory, where the renowned Cohiba cigars are rolled, was sold for the price of 475.500 USD (360.000 EUR).

During the last week, over 1500 cigar lovers from more than 60 different countries have visited the 14th Festival de Habano in Havana, the world’s largest cigar festival. At the closing event, six custom-made humidors by Cuban artists were auctioned off . The Cohiba humidor got the highest bid and was purchased by an Italian, who wished to remain anonymous.

Cohiba Humidor 2012.png

El Laguito Cohiba Humidor

The humidity in the humidor is regulated with the new microprocessor controlled adorini cigar humidifiers, which apply a new generation of high-precision capacitive sensors and maintain a constant humidity level of 70% in the humidor.

Adorini Cigar Heaven.png

Adorini Cigar Heaven

At the touch of a button a remote-controlled hydraulic system opens the humidor allowing access to 23 drawers filled with 520 Cohiba cigars, including some which have been rolled exclusively for this humidor and are not offered anywhere else.

While the beautiful “El Laguito” humidor would have exceeded the budget restrictions of most non-billionaires, anybody can enjoy the luxury of using the very same adorini electronic humidification system at a very affordable price on the internet at Humidor Discount or at cigar shops worldwide.

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