When Micallef Cigars made its debut at the 2017 IPCPR Convention and Trade Show, it did so with a bang. A large booth with an impressive lineup of cigars is not usually the norm for a new company, but it seemed like the company was a long-term mainstay just by appearances.

They continued to exhibit in 2018 and 2019 but decided to take a break and not exhibit in 2021. Simultaneously, a number of other large companies pulled out of the tradeshow, but Micallef’s reasoning was more to focus inward on the company before coming back.

Since the 2020 show was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that year was obviously skipped, but Micallef did not attend the 2021 PCA Convention and Trade Show. For 2022 though, it is back with a slightly subdued booth and a renewed focus on a number of business-related items.

There are two things that the company wants to highlight to potential and existing retail clients. First, it does not sell to e-commerce only retailers, which Micallef says ensures that brick and motor locations won’t be undercut by sites that run primarily on the idea of always running a sale. Second, Micallef wants to put emphasis on the fact that it had an inventory availability of 93.7 percent over the previous 12 months, noting that backorders are bad for business.

In addition to highlighting business focuses, Micallef has two new products they were debuting at the show.

Micallef a

First is the Micallef a, a new size in the Micallef A line. This is the line that the Micallef Ambassadors voted for, which they chose Ambassador, however, due to trademark concerns was instead named the Micallef A. Now, the line gets a petit corona aptly named with a lowercase a.

  • Wrapper: Nicaragua (Sumatra)
  • Binder: Sumatra
  • Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua
  • Micallef a (4 x 46) — $5.50 (Box of 50, $275)

Production: Regular Production

Release Date: July 2022

Micallef Cigars Collector Edition

The other new item they had was a 16-count box featuring two of each of their core legacy line in a 5 x 40 size. From left to right, the cigars in the box are the Reserva, Leyenda, Migdalia, Herencia Maduro, Herencia Habano, Connecticut, Experiencia La Crema and Reata. To begin with, it will be a limited production item but will turn into regular production later down the line. As a side note, the Reserva and Leyenda bands are mockups as the production bands were not ready. The production bands will have embossed gold where the yellowish-gold color is now.

MSRP: Box of 16, $128

Production: Regular Production

Release Date: September 2022

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