Weekly News (June 13, 2011)

  Editor’s Note: It was seemingly on track to be a much quieter week for cigar news (in quantity it still is), and then the...
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Cain F Lanceros to Ship in October (Exclusive)

Word out of Oliva is that the Cain F Lancero (currently offered only as part of various STUDIO TOBAC samplers) will ship in October. Retailers...
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Oliva Pursues Legal Action Against Sam Leccia (Exclusive)

Following the announcement of the Sam Leccia Cigar Co., Oliva Cigar Co. has announced their legal plans in regards to Sam’s plans. Oliva Cigar Co....
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Oliva Connecticut Reserve Petite Corona & Tubos

A while back (here, to be specific), I posted a host of information about the happenings of Oliva. Somewhere bigger news, Cain Daytona pricelist/sizes and...
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Tatuaje M80 (Updated)

The next Tatuaje release will be the long-awaited/rumored M80, an exclusive for Two Guys Smoke Shop of New Hampshire. Some part of me says posting...
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Weekly News (June 6, 2011)

Editor’s Note: On Friday, the IPCPR sent out the much awaited “rules” for the bloggers. It was met with quite a host of criticisms, but...
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Casa Miranda by Nestor Miranda

There was that rumor about Willy Herrera of ETB Cigars and Jonathan Drew, but I’ve been told that was just speculation at best. Today comes...
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LFD “The Digger” Goes Into Full Production

Litto Gomez normally keeps news pretty close, but it seems like he’s already ready to go public with some of La Flor Dominicana’s IPCPR plans....
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Weekly News (May 30, 2011)

Editor’s Note: Outside of the Monday news, this site has seen various formats in its news… For the next week, there will be at least...
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Viaje WLP Fifty Fifty Red (Exclusive)

Because of the delays with the Viaje V.O.R. DT and V.P.R. DT, which are currently scheduled for a mid-June release, Andre Farkas decided that he...
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La Aurora Purchased by Guillermo León

Dominican publication El Nuevo Diario put this up yesterday, but this has been knowledge in some circles for a good six months. Guillermo León has...
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