Quesada TP40Q Heading to Tobacco Plaza in July


Quesada will be releasing a fifth Heisenberg vitola for New York-based Tobacco Plaza’s 40th anniversary. The Quesada TP40Q is a 6 x 56/65 Figurado shaped like the already-existing Coronet Cuadrada vitola.

There will be 500 box-pressed and 500 round versions made. Boxes of ten are priced at 114.95, while single cigars will retail for $12.30. The TP40Qs will be officially released at a launch party on July 18 at Tobacco Plaza in Great N.Y., featuring Manuel Quesada, any remaining stock to be sold online starting July 19.


“The fact we made this cigar is a testament to the friendship between Tobacco Plaza and the Quesada family because this is not a easy size to make,” says Reilly, head of SAG Imports, the distribution arm of MATASA/Quesada.  “Not only is it a very difficult shape to roll, the cigars had to be made entirely by hand without molds and were wrapped in newspaper to give them their shape.  It’s a much more time consuming process.”

Like the first four sizes in the line, Quesada is releasing no specifics at all on what blend was used for the cigars, so that people can enjoy them with a clear mindset and without any preconceived notions.

This is the third and final release commissioned to celebrate Tobacco Plaza’s 40th anniversary. The Tatuaje Tobacco Plaza DD was released to honor Danny Ditkowich in March 2012 and the Padrón 1926 Serie TP40 released on April 17, 2013 to honor Marshall Holman, one of the co-owners of the store. While this is the final release as part of the TP40 Series, Ditkowich left the door open for TP41 releases.

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