Liga Privada Único Serie Papas Fritas Coming to IPCPR 2012


The long-awaited Papas Fritas will now be part of the Liga Privada Único Serie. After over a year in planning, Drew Estate will debut the new line at IPCPR 2012. The 4 1/2 x 44 Petit Corona uses the cuts from all three Liga Privada lines packed in the Connecticut broadleaf #1 darks from the Liga Privada No. 9.

Steve Saka, president of Drew Estate, posted this picture on his Facebook wall earlier:


Liga Privada Unico Serie Papas Fritas

Drew Estates sales sheet describes the blend:

Our latest addition to the Liga Privada Único Serie, the “Papas Fritas” are handcrafted entirely from only the chaveta cuts of our dark Broadleaf capa and the rare Grade 1 filler tobacco trimmings created by the production of all our other famed Liga Privada blends, these coronas are arguably the finest “tripa corta” cigars ever made. What they may lack in beauty they more than make up for in satisfying flavor. Spicy, rich and delicious, they are named in honor of one of El Jefe’s favorite foods: French Fries!

Although “tripa corta” means “short filler”, these coronas are unlike any “sandwich” cigar ever created. All of the tobacco trimmings are individually hand sorted back into their original leaf variety and thickness, hand cut to be uniform in size and then are hand blended cigar by cigar to ensure consistency in flavor and aroma.

If we didn’t openly disclose these were tripa corta, it is unlikely anyone would know as they draw, burn and taste like any well- crafted long filler corona. The typical “Papas Fritas” provides up to a full 40 minutes of smoking pleasure and they even hold a 1+” ash!

The Papas Fritas is being presented in four-count tins with pricing set at $23.95, or $5.99 per cigar. Retailers will be shipped sleeves of seven tins.

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