Ezra Zion to Release Limited Edition TANTRUM


Nicaragua-based cigar brand Ezra Zion will be releasing a new blend in May named TANTRUM, which will be sold in a single 4 11/25 x 44 (4.44 x 44) Petit Corona vitola. The blend is a Nicaraguan puro with a Criollo wrapper and Ligero aged since 2005 and 2006.

The TANTRUM, will come in boxes of 28 priced at $266.00 with each individual cigar retailing for $9.50. Only 1,500 boxes of 28 cigars will be released.


The boxes the Ezra Zion TANTRUMS come in look like this:

Ezra Zion TANTRUM Boxes

Design-wise, the foot band for the TANTRUM is similar to the foot band of the JAMAIS Vu and REAGAN, and looks like this:

Ezra Zion TANTRUM Band

Concerning the unique name of the cigar, Chris Kelly of Ezra Zion says:

Every blend name for Ezra Zion has a story behind it. When the three of us were brainstorming ideas about doing a small cigar with big bold flavor, Kyle likened the idea to having your first child, ‘It’s amazing to look at. It captivates you. It enthralls you. And you realize that you’ve never loved anything more. But, then when she’s going ballistic at 3 am, you wonder how anything that small and gorgeous could produce such a colossally intense and mind-blowing experience.’ A perfect analogy for this blend; hence the name TANTRUM.

While the bulk of the orders for the TANTRUM will be sold at the upcoming IPCPR show in Las Vegas, there will be a small number released and sold at events starting in May. Ezra Zion will also be releasing two other new blends at the IPCPR show, although details remain unknown for now.

In November of 2012, Emilio Cigars announced it would distribute all Ezra Zion cigars and the INCEPTION took 22nd Place in halfwheel’s 2012 Consensus Awards.

(Photo via Ezra Zion)

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