The Meerapfel Cigar Meir Master Blend, the sophomore release from the Meerapfel Cigar—the family’s flagship cigar brand—has begun shipping to stores in the U.S.

Unlike the brand’s debut release, the Meerapfel Richard Double Robusto, the Meir is offered in four sizes. Like the Meerapfel Richard Double Robusto, the company is disclosing no information about where the cigars are rolled or what tobaccos are used.

  • Meerapfel Cigar Meir Double Robusto (5 3/4 x 52) — €94 (Box of 10, €940) / $86 (Box of 10, $860)
  • Meerapfel Cigar Meir Robusto (4 7/8 x 50) — €46 (Box of 25, €1,150) / $42 (Box of 25, $1,050)
  • Meerapfel Cigar Meir Churchill (7 x 47) — €54 (Box of 25, €1,350) / $50 (Box of 25, $1,250)
  • Meerapfel Cigar Meir Pyramid (6 1/8 x 52) — €62 (Box of 25, €1,550) / $57 (Box of 25, $1,425)

All Meerapfel Cigar releases are limited to 613 boxes per year.

Three of the vitolas are sold in boxes of 25 cigars, they are unique because the cigars are presented in one wide row of 25 cigars whereas most cigar companies configure 25-count boxes using multiple rows. The Double Robusto size is sold in a 10-count box where the cigars are packaged on top of an ashtray. This is similar to the Richard Double Robusto, though the color of the Meir’s ashtray is blue with gold accents compared to the Richard Double Robusto’s ashtray which is red with gold accents.

The name is a reference to Meir Meerapfel, who in 1876 set up the Meerapfel cigar factory in the village of Untergrombach, Germany.

Reinhard Pohorec, vp of Meerapfel Cigar, told halfwheel that while the Meir is just now shipping to stores in the U.S., the company released the cigars to stores in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East late last year.

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